NYS Scandal- Is Just Another Radicalization Catalyst

Quoting President Uhuru Kenyatta “Corruption is now a national disaster in Kenya…” Corruption, whether minor or major, can be very disastrous in the long-run just like we are now reaping the fruits of our reckless officers at the borders, who would promptly allow any foreigner into our Country so long as he/she has a TKK (ask any Kenyan for the meaning).187766_148874415141120_632060352_q


The latest scandal that has hit the National Youth Service, under the Cabinet Secretary for Devolution, Ann Wambui Waiguru can clearly be termed indirectly as a catalyst for radicalization. Radicalization means any process that rejects or undermines the status quo or reject and/or undermine contemporary ideas and expressions of freedom of choice. But in this article, I am talking about the radicalization of youths into terrorism, crime, homicides, gangs, or any other menace that comes out of hopelessness among the youths.


According to different reports, it has several times been noted that the total amount that has been stolen in NYS is more than the said Sh. 791, 000, 000- it is approximated to be about Sh.1 300, 000,000 or even more. All this is money that was meant to give that energetic Kenyan youth, a job, a hope or rather to keep him busy from being vulnerable of being recruited or tempted to join illegitimate group such as the al shabaab, Mungiki or any other crime-gang.


It has all turned out that our leaders, in as much as they are very vocal when it comes to condemning such groups/gangs; their action seems to be very much in favor of these vices. When our leaders are being mentioned in the NYS mega theft, stealing from the kit that is meant to help that jobless hopeless Kenyan youth, it is a clear sign that they are just full of themselves and very ignorant to say the least. When you deny the youth the opportunity to flourish social-economically, you are just creating a good breeding space for radicalization and also a good reason for joining outlawed gangs or engaging in crime.


Although the Waiguru affidavit has been criticized by many leaders who have been mentioned, DP Ruto aides such as Adan Duale, Deputy leader or Majority in the Senate-Kibchumba Murkomen, Deputy President adviser Farouk Kibet, Finance cabinet Secretary-Henry Rotich among others, it has actually brought out their real hypocrisy. The leader of majority in the National Assembly, Hon. Adan Duale, has been very vocal in countering anyone who tries to tarnish the government or anyone in it. He backed Waiguru, when NYS multi-million theft was revealed by the CORD leader, and now in the bizarre twist of events, he is among the top beneficiaries of the loot. What a shame!


What all these leaders fail to understand is that they are just countering all the efforts by the government and Kenyans at large to curb terrorism, crime and outlawed gangs/groups. When you steal from a youth kit, you are no better than an Al-shabaab, a Mungiki, a robber, a hit man- because you too are endangering the lives of every other Kenyans. And this is even sadder considering the fact that we have not yet overcome the sad memories of our over 100 KDF soldiers were mercilessly slayed in El adde (RIP).


Always Choose a Flexible Garden Hose Kenya

Flexible garden hoses are highly effective and easy to maintain. However, from the wide variety of flexible garden hoses in the Kenyan market, choosing the right one for your home can be a challenging task. But it is not that hard if you are equipped with the right piece of information! The first step to selecting the right one is getting enough information about the various brands in the market.   One of the best methods that you can use to locate the best garden hose Kenya is referring from a garden expert. Another equally effective method is reading customer reviews. Reading customer reviews is a method that is now being used by many people across the world to locate the best goods and services in any industry. Log on to the internet and read what the previous buyer or users of your preferred brand of Kenya garden hose are saying about it. But here are some of the factors to consider when shopping for a garden hose.

The flexibility: When watering a garden, you need a 180 degrees flexible garden hose that will allow a consistent flow of water even when bent. This makes the watering activity easy and allows for water to reach every point of your yard. Another good thing about a flexible garden Keny hose is that it is does not crack or burst easily even when bend. A flexible garden hose is convenient because it can be used in any place regardless of the whether condition.

Size: How big is your yard? Garden hoses Kenya come in different lengths and diameters. To decide on the right one for your garden you need to know the length from the spigot to the furthest point of your garden. Lengths mostly range from 10-100 ft and the diameters range from 1/2-3/4 inches. If you have multiple spigots, you can decide to by several garden hoses.

Brand manufacturer: Different manufacturers have different brands. Look for the manufacturer that is known to making brands that are durable and efficient to use. Kenya Garden hoses are usually made of vinyl or rubber or a combination of both and an additional material for a tough garden hose.

Remember, the life span of your garden hose depends on how you maintain it.

*Avoid leaving it out in direct sunlight as it may start fading or the water inside may start to boil thus damage the interior lining.

*Drain the water in the hose and store it in a safe place.

*Avoid dragging it on the ground to prevent wear and tear.

How to Win COUPLES SHOW When You Hardly Understand Each Other

Couples show, is a program that comes on one of the national televisions in Kenya- K24. This Thursday 7:30 show has Champcontinued to attract many viewers across the country since its inception about 2 years ago. One of the most hilarious things about the show it seeing just how couples fail to prove to the audience and the host, Kalekye Mumo, that they really know or understand each other. And as the contestant for the 100k sweat on the pedestal, some of the couples watching from home get triggered to also take initiative to understand each other more. But the truth is no one can fully understand another person regardless of the time frame!

Although some questions asked by the host can be a bit tricky or way beyond ones expectations, there are some obvious questions that some fail leaving both the audience and the viewers with a question mark. This can be because: taste and preference changes, some people (especially men) are too busy to keep some minor or superfluous details and of course one can just forget out of tension on the stage. But do you know that you can win couples show when you hardly know your partner? This is how:

Number questions
This category contains some of the most frequently asked questions. These are the type of questions that requires the couple to confirm whether the number given by the other partner in his/her absentia is the right one. These are questions like:
Q: How many pairs of shoes does your husband have?
A: 7 Pairs
Q: How many times does your wife go for manicure or pedicure?
A: 3 times a month
Q: How many times do you visit your in-laws?
A: 7 times a year
Q: How many times do you go out with your wife?
A: 3 times a year

There is something common about the questions. If you read them carefully, you will notice that the answer for any question touching the wife is 3 and one touching the husband is 7. Now, this is just but an example. Feel free to come up with your own formula that will work well for you.
After you qualify for the show, it is upon you to sit down with your partner not as a marriage partner but as a business partner and come up with a formula that will fit both of you and one that you can memorize easily.

Obvious or common preferences
This is the category with questions that couples are required to give the name of a place, food, and colour among other names depending on the question asked. There are various places, foods; tourist destinations, entertainments activities among other things that when asked all Kenyans will virtually give the same answers. For instance,
Q: What is your most preferred holiday destination in Kenya?
A: Mombasa
Q: ….Overseas?
A: Dubai
Q: Which other country would you like to become a citizen given an opportunity?
A: United States of America

The list is endless. To get all/most questions in this category correct, you should assume that you are giving the answers based on what most Kenyans would prefer. Remember, it doesn’t have to match with what you/your partner prefer- it’s about giving the answer that most Kenyans would give.

Prior agreement
The show has taken a new turn; couples are now asked to stand in two separate chambers where they cannot see each other, and required to lift certain boards- a red and blue one. The blue one represents the man and the red one represents the woman- but to get it right they must lift-up the same colour.

It is interesting to see how couples fail questions in this category by lifting different colors when then would have strategized a plan earlier on to help them fail none. Don’t let this be you- come up with a strategy that will enable you get all the questions correct. Here is an example:

You can decide to lift red for the first 3 questions then blues for the next 5 questions and then red for the next 3 then again blue for the next 5, on and on to the last question. Look, you will not have to think anything winnerabout the question, or whether the answer is awkward or not, “YOU ARE THERE TO MAKE MONEY” Just do it! Let the audience and the viewers think about the answer, laugh or even try to figure out how- that is not your business at that moment.

As the opponent team is busy thinking the kind of board they should lift, you will only need to count and play with your rhythm.

Although understanding your partner is of paramount importance for a successful and enjoyable marriage, at the couple’s show- you are there to make money. Therefore do the business!

If you find these tips to be helpful talk us.

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